About Us

We at Artzone Polypack believe that if we've an honest quality confirming to the customer’s demand & specification, we want not market our merchandise. performing on this belief we tend to are presently producing around twenty five.00 animal product baggage per month for the cement trade alone.

We have the most effective infrastructure for quality assurance, we've dedicated quality assurance department additionally to our workplace supervisors and quality inspectors. we tend to even have third party inspections (both heap wise & in process) to be doubly certain.

Our quality personnel are equipped with state of the art testing laboratory with processed equipments & records.

Following are some of the equipments that we use to conduct the quality test for our products:

  • Digital Tensile Testing Machines.
  • Denier Testing Machine.
  • Digital Techo Meters.
  • Digital Vernier Calipers .
  • Digital Thickness Gauge Meters
  • Digital Weighing Balances.


Mr. Thakrshi Bhai Vithlapara


Mr. Jitendra Garadhariya

Managing Director

Mr. Sandip Bavarava

Marketing Head

Mr. Pritesh Vithlapara

Production Head

Mr. Trushal Garadhariya

Admintration Head



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